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Payroll Services

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Total payroll services for small business clients have been provided for many years. Services include: Set up and maintenance of all records, time card tabulations, withholdings of tax and benefit contributions, Federal and State tax filings, issuance of checks and preparation of all W-2's and 1099 forms.

Intuit Online Payroll for Accounting Professionals satisfies our Clients need for a Cloud-based payroll solution that allows our clients and our firm to collaborate in real time from anywhere, anytime. We no longer use desktop software

  • Intuit Online Payroll for Accounting Professionals is a rich payroll program and offers great value to clients
  • Anytime Anywhere Access: Run payroll online from anywhere anytime with Internet connection
  • Guaranteed Accuracy: Guaranteed accurate calculations for all federal, state and local taxes
  • Go Paperless
  • Direct Deposit: Pay employees/contractors by direct deposit or print checks
  • Electronic Payments and Filings: Pay federal and most state tax payments and filings with just a click
  • Employee website: Employees view pay stub online
  • Seamless Integration: Seamless Integration with QuickBooks and other leading accounting solutions
  • Efficiently Manage by You or by Us.
  • Time Tracking: For a small monthly fee, you can allow you employees to track their own hours, saving your valuable time and money
  • Reduce costly errors by automatically calculating total hours worked (including overtime)
  • Fully integrated with payroll so you never have to calculate or re-enter hours
  • Robust Reports: Summarized and detailed reports that easily export to Excel
  • Flat Pricing
  • Mobile App: Run Payroll wherever you go, without your computer, even on vacation


  • Payday email reminders
  • Voluntary deductions: retirement plans, insurance premiums, etc.
  • Vacation, sick day and holiday tracking
  • Garnishment calculations
  • Paycheck and pay stubs can be printed from any computer
  • Paycheck printing on either pre-printed or blank check stock
  • Direct deposit at no additional charge
  • Pay types: salary, hourly wages, bonuses, tips, expense reimbursements, holiday pay, and more
  • Payments to independent contractors
  • Secure your employee website for pay stub access

Federal Tax Deposits and Filings

  • Electronic federal tax payments and filings
  • Email reminders for federal tax deposits and form filings
  • 8109 deposit coupon worksheets
  • Automatically completed 941, 944, and 940 forms including electronic filing
  • W-2s, including electronic filing with SSA at no additional charge
  • Federal W-4, I-9, and employer registration forms

State Tax Deposits and Filings

  • Electronic state tax payments in most states
  • Electronic state tax form filings in most states
  • Multi-state support
  • Email reminders for state tax deposits and form filings
  • Automatically completed state deposit coupons
  • Automatically completed quarterly and annual filing forms
  • State new hire and employer registration forms
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